Saturn DigiSizer II产品应用

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Abrasives – Performance of abrasives, either in powder form or after being attached to a backing, is dictated by the size distribution of the abrasive powder. Over-sized particles lead to scratching and gouging. Undersized particles may lead to clogging of the abrasive papers.


Mining – Refining efficiency of materials is related strongly to the particle size distribution of the raw mineral. For products that are used without chemical change, the size of particles taken from the mine may be too large for final usage. Analyses performed on the extracted minerals will help determine the amount of size reduction needed once the product reaches the processing plant.

Column Packing Materials – The back-pressure of the packed bed within the column is a direct function of the size of the channels through the bed and, thus, the size distribution of the column packing material. Over-sized particles create voids in the bed, reducing efficiency due to remixing of the separated sample components. Undersized particles lead to blockage of flow paths through the bed, increasing the back-pressure and analysis time. A proper distribution leads to greater separation efficiency.