GeoPyc 1365 Envelope Density Analyzer was Recognized as One of the Best New Instruments in 2017

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The Annual Conference of China Scientific Instruments (ACCSI) recently recognized Micromeritics GeoPyc 1365 as one of the leading new instruments introduced to the China marketplace in 2017.


The annual Best New Scientific Instruments awards are presided over by 60 senior experts. A total of 475 Chinese and foreign equipment manufacturers submitted 586 new scientific instrument applications for this award. A committee selected 133 instruments according to their innovation, market outlook and user comments and finally 20 instruments were elected and recognized as the Best 2017 New Instruments.


“We are honored that our GeoPyc 1365 was recognized as one of the best new scientific instruments in 2017,”said Dr. Ren Xu, General Manager of Micromeritics Instrument (Shanghai) Ltd.“This award is a reflection of our commitment to providing high-quality innovative instruments.”


Accepting award for Micromeritics, is 
Dr. Zhong Hua, 4th from the left

The GeoPyc 1365 employs a unique displacement measurement technique composed of small, rigid spheres having a high degree of flow-ability. The sample is placed in a bed of Dry Flo which is agitated and gently consolidated about the sample. The GeoPyc collects the displacement data, performs the calculations, and displays or prints the results.


Besides, Dr. Zhong Hua, Manager of Marketing & Application Dept. at Micromeritics Instrument (Shanghai) Ltd. has accepted the interview of, reviewing the market performance in 2016 and introducing marketing strategy in 2017.

“Micromeritics had excellent market performance last year, especially in lithium-ion battery and pharmaceutical industries.”said Dr. Zhong Hua”We will conduct a deep study on hot fields, to provide strong techinical support for analytical method and speed. Also, we will attend and organize more market-related activities, such as Battery Industry Seminar in this May, to better understand the needs of our users and provide better instruments and solutions for them. "


Micromeritics was the first company to market commercially automated surface area, mercury penetration, and sedimentation particle size analyzers. Micromeritics is world-renowned for its pioneering innovations in these areas and others, including porosimetry, density, zeta potential, and chemisorption analysis. The company has been granted over forty patents in these combined areas of materials characterization.