Micromeritics China Holds Battery Seminar in Shenzhen

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With flowers blooming in the warm spring of 2017, as driven by the powerful momentum of global lithium-ion battery market and responding to the needs of Chinese customers, Micromeritics, the leading supplier of porosity and pore structure analyzers for lithium-ion batteries, has successfully held the Porosity and Pore Structure Technology Seminar of Lithium-ion Battery Industry in Shenzhen on May 19th.

Micromeritics Porosity and Pore Structure Technology Seminar of Lithium-ion Battery Industry has been successfully concluded at Crowne Plaza Shenzhen Longgang City Centre on May 19th. The seminar has attracted more than 60 technical experts and R&D staff from about 30 Chinese firms and research institutions. The participants, together with the staffs of Micromeritics, have discussed hot topics in the lithium-ion battery industry from different levels, and the seminar was unanimously praised by customers!

Dr. Ren Xu, General Manager of Micromeritics Instrument (Shanghai) Ltd. is delivering a welcome speech

Dr. Zhong Hua, Manager of Marketing & Application Dept. at Micromeritics Instrument (Shanghai) Ltd.
 is delivering a speech

As a professional academic meeting, the Porosity and Pore Structure Technology Seminar for Lithium-ion Battery Industry has been recognized and supported by all of the participating companies and universities. The aim of this seminar is to help experts from academia and industry deeply understand “the analytic techniques of carbon/carbon composites and other innovative anode materials’ porosity and pore structure”, to vision and share the development of other related advanced technology, to create an ideal platform between Micromeritics and its customers, to solve practical problems, and to facilitate the vigorous development of China’s lithium-ion battery industry!Micro