Providing Comprehensive Materials Characterization Services

Micromeritics’ Particle Testing Authority serves the needs of a wide range of industries in: pharmaceuticals, energy storage, filtration, catalysts, coatings, chemicals, petrochemicals, paper, polymers, minerals, industrial powders, and many other applications.

We provide a comprehensive range of characterization services whether it is the analysis of a single sample, a complex method development or validation, new product assessments, or addressing large-scale manufacturing projects.

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The Particle Testing Authority

The scientists at PTA are globally recognized for their contributions to research in particle characterization as well as their development of technologies and applications spanning several industries.  Furthermore, they serve on expert committees and guest-lecture at various universities and research centers.Backed by Micromeritics Instrumentation Corporation, we have the most up-to-date technology for conducting excellent and reliable analyses whether your projects are simple or complex. With such a combination, Particle Testing Authority’s accredited laboratory will provide you with world-class service every time.

Expedited Turn-Around of Results

We provide expedited results without compromise to completeness or quality.

PTA’s lab technicians, scientists, and engineers will work closely with each client to understand their needs, the priority of their request, and the information necessary to make informed decisions.

Our approach is based on responsiveness and flexibility in delivering high-quality data and full reporting.  A senior member of our analytical team is available to review your results and assist in interpretation of the supplied data to ensure that our results are pertinent and aligned with your project needs.

Available Analytical Techniques:

  • Particle Size Distribution
  • Particulate Count

  • Nanoparticle Size

  • B.E.T Surface Area
  • Pore Size Distribution
  • Porosity
  • Micropore Analysis
  • Pore Volume Distribution
  • Total Pore Volume
  • Dynamic Void Volume
  • Density
  • Surface Energy

  • Dynamic Water Vapor Sorption

  • TGA

  • DSC

  • Active Surface Area

  • Percent Metal Dispersion

  • High Pressure Adsorption

  • Isosteric Heat of Adsorption

  • Temperature Programmed Reactions

  • Powder Flow Properties
  • Zeta Potential

  • Isoelectric Point Determination

  • Magnetic Content

  • Method Development/ Validation/ Verification

  • Consulting Services

  • Microscopy


  • XRD

  • Crystallite Size

Micromeritics Particle Testing Authority Accreditations